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Breaking with Muhammad Kermalli & Triena McGuirk

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Project Overview

While video is the leader in content marketing, people consume podcasts for longer periods of time - creating a more intimate relationship.

Video podcasts combine the best of both worlds and make it easy to create engaging content.

Breaking is a collaborative project between Muhammad Kermalli (founder of Skytek Office Solutions), Triena McGuirk (a social worker working in Toronto), and 6 Story.

The podcast was created to have fruitful conversations with interesting people to learn about their experiences and how they overcame obstacles.

The first thing we did was come up with a concept for the show and our why. We then created all the graphic assets for the podcast and a dynamic website for new episodes including transcriptions and show notes to enhance SEO.

Filming takes place once a month and the footage is used for multiple assets including video podcasts, audio podcasts, and social media videos. The social media videos / teasers are shared on LinkedIn while the full interview is distributed on all the major channels including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts.

Breaking Video Podcast
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Breaking Video Podcast Triena McGuirk
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Project Summary

What we did
Creative Concepting / Video & Audio Podcast Production / Podcast Website Development / Social Media Content Creation / Content Distribution & Management

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