Stand Out in the Digital Landscape with Bite Sized Videos

Grab your audience's attention with eye-catching short-form videos tailored for social media platforms. Boost your brand's visibility and increase engagement like never before.

Why Short-Form Video?

Instant Authority

Establish yourself as a leading authority in your industry by sharing your specialized knowledge and insights.

Drive Engagement

Short videos instantly engage viewers, ensuring that the entire message is seen. They're perfect for quick consumption, encouraging multiple viewings and cultivating a dedicated audience.

Enhanced Shareability

Content that is easy to consume and requires minimal time investment is more likely to be shared by individuals among their friends and followers.

Increased Visibility

Regularly posting short videos can improve visibility and help grow an audience. Consistent presence in feeds leads to increased engagement, wider reach, and a greater chance of becoming viral.


Our Simple Video Process



Our collaboration starts with an in-depth exploration of your brand's vision and objectives to ensure alignment with your unique voice and goals.


Content Creation

Drawing on insights from our consultation, our team creates engaging videos that merge entertainment with education to captivate your audience.


Publish & Celebrate

Once crafted, you can now launch videos across your desired social platforms!

But we don't stop at just creating and publishing; we design content that spurs action, turning intrigued viewers into potential leads!

Packages & Pricing

Video Starter

For businesses ready to get started with video marketing
$ 3500
  • Video marketing consultation
  • (1) 3 Hour production
  • Up to 13 videos
  • Branded captions
  • Up to 10 lifestyle images

Video Accelerator

For growing businesses ready to scale their video marketing.
$ 6500
  • Video marketing consultation
  • (2) 3 Hour productions
  • Up to 26 videos (~13 per production)
  • Branded captions, graphics, stock footage
  • Up to 20 lifestyle images
  • (1) 30-Minute strategy call
  • Monthly Payment Options

Video Pro

For established businesses ready to grow their brand and build thought-leadership.
$ 11500
  • Video marketing consultation
  • (4) 3 Hour productions
  • *Unlimited videos
  • Branded captions, graphics, stock footage
  • Up to 40 lifestyle images
  • (2) 30-Minute strategy calls
  • Monthly Payment Options

Commonly Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Reach out to us directly and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Our services are specifically designed for Toronto's business owners, experts, coaches, realtors, and professionals aiming to enhance their online presence and assert their authority within their respective industries.

Certainly! The majority of our clients opt for a monthly collaboration, which is perfect for regular content creation and lead generation. Plus, you have the flexibility to cancel at any time since we don't require long-term contracts.

Absolutely! Our pre-production team will handle the keyword research and provide a wide array of engaging topics. Your only task is to show up and speak. Trust us with the brainstorming for an effortless and comfortable experience!

We typically film at our clients' offices. If a client doesn't have the space for filming, we arrange for a nearby studio rental.

Upon completion of production, the initial batch of videos will be delivered to you within one week. We understand the value of time in business and work diligently to meet these timelines.

Certainly! Feeling nervous is completely natural. We approach each filming session as if it's a casual conversation, allowing you to disregard the cameras and lights. There's no need to fret over mistakes. With the wonders of editing, we'll smoothly edit out any pauses, 'ums', and 'uhhs', ensuring you appear polished and professional.

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